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Altair Digital is a company with ten years of experience in the field of supplementary education. Since 2010, we have been motivating children to learn and explore the world using the latest technologies.

Our knowledge and experience help more than 103 partners working in 18 countries on 3 continents to give children the opportunity to be in space and inside the human body, to see the most beautiful places on the planet and unusual phenomena with their own eyes.
Now we are developing interactive VR lessons that will allow children to gain knowledge in a new and unusual format. Such lessons will give children access to the most modern chemical laboratory, allow them to create their own robot, study human anatomy or witness the birth of the universe. Experiments, tests and excursions in virtual reality will be a common part of future education that we can create today.
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January 2019
Summer 2019
October 2019
December 2019
The first launch of the mobile planetarium. In order to conduct quality sessions, we have been searching for details for the planetarium around the world. Launch of Mobile Planetarium in Barnaul, Russia. We explored the needs of principals, teachers, students and their parents through conversations and dozens of presentations in schools.
First official Mobile Planetarium session on February 10 and the first turnkey sale was made: a stationary planetarium with the support of the state started its work in Sterlitamak. Our team decided to produce our own Mobile Planetariums. We tested hundreds types of domes and different fabrics, but made the mobile planetarium has lighterm, more maneuverable and providing higher image quality. At the same moment the network of mobile planetariums was developing and becoming bigger — children in almost all regions of Russia had an opportunity to visit VR sessions.
Over 40 operators of Mobile Planetariums. Our drivers traveled 150 thousand kilometers a month — this is 4 circles of the Earth! Mobile Planetariums praised by Minister of Education of Russia, and in the same year the company received the award "Business Success" in the category "The Best project in trade and services".
We developed "Space Touch ONE", our own software system for Mobile Planetariums to protect licensed content. This allowed us to regularly update the catalogue with new products from the world of Fulldome movies. At the same time our team started working on a unique product for watching educational films through virtual reality glasses.
In January, Altair Fulldome Cinema, the first app for watching films using VR devices, was launched; more than 50,000 people have downloaded it in a month. Its next edition, Amazing Cinema, hit the world's top downloads and took the first place in the Oculus Store and among Samsung owners around the world: 5% of them installed the app..

On April 12, Cosmonautics Day in Russia, the first session of Virtual Encyclopedia was held! Students got the opportunity to travel to the space and watch stars and planets being born.

In February the first franchise partner joined us — by the end of the year there were already 17 of them.
Start of the work on entering the world markets: we've decided to develop an international distribution network for educational content. By the end of the year Latvia, Azerbaijan and the Republic of Belarus became Altair Digital partners.

By the end of september Konstantin Urvantsev, Altairika's CEO, traveled to India for inspiration. First thoughts about Altairika development in India, first monitoring, meetings at CyberHub with major Delhi businessmen, initial presentation of the product, positive feedback, theoretical test of business model in the new market.
January 2019
The year began with the 55-hour corporate Sales hackathon, which has created the company's strategy and developed a franchise package for international markets. An international sales department was formed and cooperation with partners in India began.
Summer 2019
The beginning of a large-scale marketing campaign. We happy to meet our new partner in New Delhi, Sambhav Maggon. He fell in love with Altairika and became our "ambassador" in India, gave many positive feedback, helped us at all the next shows in India. Before starting his work, he held a demo show for 700 people in one day.
October 2019
For the first time we took part in the Franchise India Expo. During 2 days of exhibition in Delhi we communicated with a huge flow of visitors. We had a face-to-face meeting with Ashita Marya, CEO of Franchise India and discussed the prospects of Altairika development on the Indian market.

Closed presentation of Altairika VR Enciclopedia in Mumbai, the second largest city, for potential franchisees: many new contacts, networking.
December 2019
FROEXPO in Chennai — exhibition by Franchise India. Meeting with with Amit Khare, Minister of Information and Broadcasting of India, and key officials of School Education and Literacy Department, Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Government of India. Representatives of Altairika also had a meeting with the Second Secretary of the Russian Ambassador to India and met with employees of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India in New Delhi

For the first time the company took part in Russia's largest exhibition, BuyBrand, and foreign forums in Singapore, China and Belgium. Year-end results: 86 franchisees in the team of the Virtual Encyclopedia, 22 of them were foreign partners.
The 100th partner joined the franchisee team. We have 7 partners in India at the beginning of the year: Delhi, Hyderabad (2 partners), Bangalore, Lucknow, Jaipur, Indore.

Spring brought us 2 important events:

  • Private presentation for potential partners of Altairika franchise in Delhi. The CEO of our company introduced the guests to the product and told about the details of doing such a business. Our colleges from India demonstrated the financial model of the franchise for all visitors, taking into account the population of the city they are interested in.

  • EdTechReview conference and exhibition in Delhi. With our new indian managers we held a presentation about our product and received an award "Best AR/VR solution of the Year"!

The COVID-19 epidemic did not freeze our work, we have started looking for new audiences and models for collaboration.

Our vision
To provide children even from the most remote places in the world with access to high quality and modern immersive education that stimulates the desire of knowledge.

Best AR/VR Solution of the year
The Winner Of The Ed Tech Review, India, 2020
XR Tech Venture Forum 2019
Winner in the Education VR section, Belgium, 2019
Business Success
Sphere of services, Moscow, 2014
Golden Mercury
Laureate, Moscow 2018
Business sharks
Reality show about business, Moscow, 2015
Education, Moscow, 2017
MTS Telecom idea
Winner, Moscow, 2017
Skolkovo Startup Tour
Finalist, Moscow, 2017

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