Where can you meet Altairika in 2020?
11.06.2020 | Mark Zhevnerchuk
Altairika travels the world despite all obstacles! A lot of events that we had to participate in have been cancelled this year. But already in September and October we will go to 3 international franchise exhibitions. Where and when you can meet us, we will tell you below.

BUYBRAND EXPO, Moscow — 12-17 September 2020. This is the second time we will take part in BUYBRAND exhibition. This is one of the most respected platforms in Eurasia in the field of franchising. It will be attended by almost 300 brands from around the world, including Altairika. We will present our product to investors, beginners and experienced businessmen and future partners.

FranchiseExpo Paris — October 4-7, 2020 France will meet Altairika for the first time. Here you can see us at FranchiseExpo franchise exhibition in Paris! This exhibition brings together many different businesses and gives them a platform for promotion. In early October, more than 35,000 entrepreneurs and investors will meet here, looking for one of the 500 international brands that they will like the most.

Franchise India Expo 2020, New Delhi — 12-13 October 2020. We participated in Indian exhibitions more than just once. We visited EdTechExpo in March, and in six months we will return to Delhi and present Altairika for Indian businessmen. More than 500 brands will also participate there, and the audience and jury of the exhibition will be the first officials of the Indian government. We are looking forward to opening all borders to meet with our clients and future partners once again.

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