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Do you want your children not to associate school with boredom and enforcement? Do you want to motivate your child to learn and expand their knowledge?
We've come up with a way to combine education, entertainment and modern technology, and created the Altairika Virtual Encyclopedia. Using it, any child can teleport inside a plant cell, fight viruses inside the human body, or fly to Mars.

Something you can't see with the naked eye, something you can't touch something that's hard to explain in words and hard to imagine... Сan now be felt, seen and easily understood, because the action takes place right before your eyes!

An interesting, safe and simply fantastic lesson in virtual reality with Altairika is a way to travel anywhere in the universe and change your child's attitude to science.
There is nothing impossible for a child with Altairika VR Encyclopedia!
Watch educational films with virtual reality glasses with your whole family!
At home or out of town, with your family or at a fun party — choose one of 67 films and give incredible emotions to children and adults!
Bring the whole family together, call your friends and neighbors and take a virtual journey! Up to 30 spectators can participate in a VR session at a time.
Make a birthday surprise that children will remember for a long time! From the comfort of your room, you can walk on the moon surface or swim with sharks and turtles.
Make a birthday surprise that children will remember for a long time! From the comfort of your room, you can walk on the moon surface or swim with sharks and turtles.
No special conditions or long preparations are required for a session. Our operator will bring all the necessary equipment with him.

Your kids can't stop watching and don't want the film to end!
Explore the feeling of total immersion!
Altairika is a unique solution for additional education of children
It will stimulate the imagination and stimulate the love of science
VR session provides an immersive effect incomparable to usual movies. Realistic images and the action that happens everywhere amaze and motivate you to develop and expand your knowledge. Already 1,000,000 kids have loved science with Altairika, don't miss the opportunity to join them!
It will unlock your potential and help you decide on your future profession
A large selection of films and topics gives children the opportunity to understand what school subjects they are most interested in.Withthe help of Altairika you will understand which professions are close to your child and help him/her to develop in the chosen direction.
It will give you access to the devices that your child dreams of
There is no need to buy expensive VR glasses - for sessions with Altairika we provide the most modern certified equipment from international companies.
Astronomy, Biology and Natural Sciences, Physics, History, Literature, English, Regional History — the Virtual Encyclopedia catalog includes films on a wide variety of subjects in the school curriculum.

Practice your English or another foreign language skills! our films are available in Portuguese, French, Hindi, German, Turkish, English, Arabian, Italian, Spanish and many more.

Discuss the important questions with your child like why do we need hygiene or how can we avoid and fight the viruses.

You can also invite the Virtual Encyclopedia to school
Recommend Altairika to your school teacher and you will see your child discover the joy of learning
Is it safe? Sure!
Watching a VR movie does not harm your eyes, because the eyes are not focused at one distance from the screen, and constantly looking at different objects, so the pupil is in the same mode as in real life.

VR glasses are disinfected before each session, thus preventing the transmission of viruses between the viewers.

Our operators are trained to work with children and equipment, and have health passports.

What can you do after the session?
Arrange a quiz or paint illustrations for the films with your child.
Download a good quality coloring example by pressing the button below.
4 simple steps to ordering a session at your home
Fill out the application form on the website.
An Altairka representative in your city will contact you and agree on the date, time and cost of the session. Don't forget to invite your friends to share your new experiences together.
On the day of the session the partner will bring all the equipment and prepare it for the show. Setting up takes no more than 20 minutes.
Congratulations! You're in virtual reality!
Start your journey into the world of science right now!