I believe in futuristic technology for education
05.06.2020 | Irina Yapparova
We'd like to introduce you the AltairikaTeam. Let's get to know each other. Blitz interview with Sonal Singh, sales specialist in India.

— How you joined the Altairika team?
— I loved the company's mission. I believe that futuristic technology supports schools and helps make teaching simple and fun for children.

— Why are people interested in VR in India?
— It's the technology of the future. Technologies of futuristic education, they help to visualize the material and they are easy to use, you need only the Internet.

— What is the question that potential partners in India most often ask you?
— Whether the content of the school curriculum and the return on investment are in line. The catalogue of the Virtual Encyclopedia contains more than 60 films of different subjects, a wide range of suitable content. And we calculate the payback period individually for each partner depending on the region.

— What do you do in your spare time?
— I am yoga teacher, I like reading, gardening and forest trekking. Also I am permaculture enthusiast. Permaculture is a type of agricultural design based on the balance of ecosystems.
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